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I’m running for Boston City Council because I love this city.

Growing up in the face of the inequities of systemic poverty created a foundation for me, and my career has been spent fighting them.

In 2013, I ran for city council as an openly LGBTQ, progressive, immigration attorney and neighborhood activist. 

This year, I know we have a shot to continue to transform the Boston City Council to be one of the most diverse and representative city council chambers in the United States.

Given the climate in Washington, D.C., at the highest levels of government, our values on every front are under siege. We must hold the line here in the City of Boston on all fronts that affect our rights and values, including human dignity, a woman’s right to choose, and LGBTQ equality. We must fight back against the climate of racial hostility among different groups, including and especially as it is directed at immigrants. 

Working together we can make progress on issues like housing, education, and transportation - all viewed through the lenses of fairness and equity.

I believe in approaching these issues with creativity and optimism, working as an activist city councilor to make progress in a real way that really improves the lives of Bostonians.

With advocacy, activism and partnerships with you and our neighbors, we can accomplish much together.

Boston is a place where we can be proud to be working class. We can be the city where the grandson of a dock worker can be President of the United States, and maybe the son of a waitress can serve on the Boston City Council. 


Justice and Equality

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Marriage Equality and Trans Equality

Jeff has been on the forefront LGBTQ+ and Trans Equality and helped formulate a winning strategy for Trans Equality and equal access to public accommodations in public spaces and is a consistent champion for issues of justice and equality across the board.


Jeff stands with us - Let's stand with Jeff and elect him to the Boston City Council At-Large, September 24th



“I grew up knowing the struggle of working families, and the impact of economic inequality. I learned about hard work and opportunity.”




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Unequal housing choices – the great disparity among Boston’s neighborhoods – widen the existing gaps in health outcomes, wealth, and stability. The City of Boston contains over 800 vacant affordable housing units, but residents and developers alike are often hamstrung by a cumbersome process that lacks fairness and transparency. Jeff will work to establish better family placement, and advocate for a stronger audit practices and oversight within the annual housing certification process.

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Jeff believes that quality public education must be student- and parent-focused, with policy-making decisions involving all stakeholders: teachers, administration, government, wraparound services, and others. In education, we must address a holistic approach to the needs of each child.

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Boston has served as a national model for community policing, with some of the lowest crime rates of urban areas across the country. But a stark divide persists, and we face a clear crisis in some neighborhoods, disproportionately impacting communities of color. Trauma is real, and our public safety must go beyond simply law enforcement and include a comprehensive, community-involved approach to keeping our families and neighborhoods safe.

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