“I grew up in a working-class family. My mother raised me on her own, while making ends meet as a waitress. Sometimes we received public assistance. For a while we lived in a trailer, and sometimes we had to heat that trailer with our oven. I grew up knowing the struggle of working families, and the impact of economic inequality. I learned about hard work and opportunity. I didn’t learn to read until high school. But I went on to be the first in my family to graduate from college and law school.”

Jeff has been dedicated to public service since his youth, attending church with his grandmother and spending weekends helping seniors recycle newspapers and delivering food to home-bound neighbors.  

After graduating from Northeastern University Law School, Jeff went on to work as a researcher institutional oppression in our legal system. As an attorney, Jeff became an advocate for immigrant communities and LGBTQ+ families. He works to help stabilize families that face the same working class struggles as his own family and to make sure we progress as a city so that all Bostonians have access to opportunity.  

Over the years, Jeff has been a supporter of working families, advocating for earned sick time and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Jeff is proud to support labor and the fight to eliminate stigmas of coalition building and community organizing through worker rights to unionize.

Jeff will be a leader to make government more accessible to more residents and to increase transparency. If policies of the past aren't working, Jeff will advocate for creative and new solutions. As your City Councilor, Jeff will continue to build bridges and break down barriers across neighborhoods to create safer communities and broader opportunities for all Bostonians. Every resident should have access to economic prosperity and a fighting chance to succeed.

Jeff has the experience to bring a new voice, new leadership, and new ideas to Boston. Please give Jeff one of your four votes for At-Large Council Sept. 24.

In solidarity,
Friends of Jeff Ross